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Encouragement for Today - Winter 2018 (By Pam P)

     I've been told some really kind things about who people see me as or what they see in
 me. While I'm very grateful that change can be seen by others, I don't necessarily see it. I
 can't take credit for any good in me. I give all credit and thanks to God for being the potter
 and allowing me to be His clay, to mold me into who He wants me to be. The fire has
 been unbearable at times and I can already see the next furnace approaching, but I know
 that He has a way that's better than mine. So, whatever good you see in me is because
 of Christ living in me - He is the treasure in me. I'm not perfect - He's not finished with me
 yet, and I will continue to do my best to follow the path He has set out for me. If I've made
 a difference in your life or whatever the situation, I thank God for letting me be that
 blessing to you.


    19 months sober today and 10 months since mom went to Heaven. Tears were shed
 this morning... Tears of gratefulness for saving me from self destruction and tears of
 sadness because I miss mom. Tears of joy because mom is with Jesus and tears of relief
 because I'm a better person because I haven't picked up a drink today. It's one day..one
 moment at a time and He'll see me through every hurt, every tear, every joy and every
 situation. I am never alone and by His grace I have a gift of another day.
                  #pleasegetmethroughschooltoday #thankGodforyourmercy