Spring Arbor University Graduate...  

Tony Nelsen began his univsersity career in the fall of 2013. Tony opened his heart to Jesus Christ on the evening of Sunday, January 28, 2013. The enxt several months included being homeless, a treatment center, spending time landscaping at CrossPointe Community and growing in his relationship with Jesus thorugh relationship with Pastor Nelson and launching a millenial Celebrate Recovery group called Fill the Void. The years have passed with bumps along the way but "pressing on" toward Christ. As written in the SAU "Commencement Exercises"... 'Tony is a thorough, reliable, honest, and diligent student who possesses excellent research skills, wrestles with difficult academic issues, asks probing questions, and writes and expresses himself with clarity. He capped off his academic career at SAU by writing a senior honors thesis on the theological issues arising from Open. Tony is not only a remarkable student at SAU, he has also been involved in several ministries. he was the student coordinator of Jackson Interfaith Homeless Shelter for four years. Tony was the spiritual ife director for SGA as a junior and senior. in addition, he has been involved in many ministries at SAU including Project Least of These, Deeper and Spiritual Life retreats. Tony has been accepted at Princeton Theology Seminary to pursue the Masters of Divinity degree. Tony is currently a conference ministerial candidate in the Free Methodist Church (Ohio Conference). He is thinking of a creer as either a pastor or as a college or university teacher in systematic or hisorical theology. The theology department members agree that Tony has exceptional potenital as a future teacher, pastor or scholar.' Tony graduated with honors (MAGNA CUM LAUDE) with a double major in Pastoral Ministry and Philosophy. Tony and Carly Dehmel will be married on July 1 after which they will move to Princeton, New Jersey where Tony will begin his studies at PTS.

Celebrating New Life... 

During the summer months we celebrate with those who publicly give testimony to their new life in Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). We used to go to Huntington Beach until the Parks Department began charging for us to use Lake Erie for our baptisms (which would take about 30 minutes). We record video testimonies for our worship time and then following worship we baptize in our "new" therapy pool (cow trough). So last summer we celebrated with Harold and Hannah and witnessed declaration of faith through baptism. We are a diverse (eclectic) community with a big heart. The environment God has created is so full of love and acceptance that regardless of where you've been in life the focus is on the journey ahead because of the unconditional love and the amazing grace of God. We look forward to later this summer 2017 celebrating baptisms once again.

In the name of the Father,
and of the Son, Jesus Christ
and of the Holy Spirit.