Pastor Nelson Blount's Blog
Following Jesus... a life-time adventure. Jesus, unknown by most was invited to a wedding party (John 2). Why? Simply he was like-able; He was a people magnet. Theme of a resent book published... “I don’t like church but I like Jesus.” The early church had “favor with all the people” (Acts 2). Jesus was known as a “glutton and friend of sinners.” Jesus loved to hangout and He loved to care for people. I do too!

Wild at Heart Boot Camp
     Four men traveled CLE to Colorado and back to participate with 450 men at the Young LIfe Ranch for four days. Along the way we dove into our hearts with the help of the Holy Spirit and a desire to be healthy and whole as men. The sessons included a teaching about "the father wound" and other topics explaining why we think and do what we think and do. One of the favorite parts of the teaching was video clips from some favoriate movies like Brave Heart; helping us to identify with the warrior inside each of us. After each session we shared in a covenant of silence (if you can imagine 450 men leaving a theater style meeting place and you could hear a pin drop) in order to connect with God about the focus of each session.

      After the session on "the father wound" John Eldredge and his team offered a prayer time for those who felt a deep desire to overcome in a personal area. During that opportunity I sought to meet John Eldredge so I stood at the side door hoping to connect. However, I found myself invited to take a seat for prayer. I didn't see John in the prayer session until I sat down and saw him praying with a man two rows in front of me. When he finished praying with the man, he walked up the aisle and made his way to me. I've addressed my father wound numerous times in the last 57 years. My father's death when I was eight created much dysfunction for my sister and I and I'm sure our Mother. John led me in a meaningful time of addressing 8 year old Nelson and his loneliness. I found myself shooting baskets in the back yard by myself. Always alone. Jesus came to me and told me He was sorry for my Dad's death. He then ushered 8 year old Nelson to me (adult Nelson) as I welcomed 8 year old Nelson to be with adult Nelson. An unusual experience but with a sense of removing a disconnect in my life. Thank You, Jesus, for your healing touch.

     Thank you, John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministries for this Wild at Heart Boot Camp experience. The four of us who traveled together met other men at his event whose lives were impacted similarly with a life-changing ministry of Holy Spirit. I would highly recommend a Boot Camp experience for any man. Check out Ransomed Heart Ministries at