P A S T O R ' S  B L O G

Following Jesus... a life-time adventure. Jesus, unknown by most was invited to a wedding party (John 2). Why? Simply he was like-able; He was a people magnet. Theme of a resent book published... “I don’t like church but I like Jesus.” The early church had “favor with all the people” (Acts 2). Jesus was known as a “glutton and friend of sinners.” Jesus loved to hangout and He loved to care for people. I do too!
Hope in the Midst of the Heroin Epidemic
God has entrusted us with the lives of those who are battling a cancer. The Westlake/Bay Village Observer article provides a brief focus. Trust you are encouraged. http://westlakebayvillageobserver.com/read/2017/06/20/hope-in-the-midst-of-the-heroin-epidemic

No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke
April 21, 2016
A relevant read for our CrossPointe Community. As we seek to make a difference in NE Ohio we realize the numbers of hurting people. Hurting from painful experiences at "church" to a lot of relational baggage which creates questions of acceptance. We are not perfect either as far as churches go but we are very much aware that the heart of God is the desire of our heart for the WORLD He so loved and still does love.
So we seek to simply be kind and gracious in the marketplace. Each person in this community is challenged regularly by Pastor Nelson to live a life that others would want to be so inclined to live. Live a life that is attractive like a magnet. Jesus was a magnet for the broken-hearted and we want to be like Jesus... gracious, kind, forgiving.
So on my heart today are all those "friends" out in our Westlake community and the surrounding communities where we all live, shop and hang-out. We hope you will recognize when you meet a CrossPointe peep. We think you will love what you experience in our community. 

Bible on a Bench

Once upon a time there was a pew bench in a back room at CrossPointe Community not being used. Low and behold one day an idea surfaced in the mind of Stephen Glover who spoke with Mrs. Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis, President of St. Joseph Academy. Their conversation sparked a thought, “what if the Art Department at St. Joseph made this a semester project?”

Mrs. Corrigan-Davis took the idea to St. Joseph’s Art Department Director, Beth Pieban and Tammy Sparks, Art Teacher. These ladies saw this as a unique opportunity for the Art Club to use their skills to serve the greater Christian community.

The initial phase included a preliminary sketch submitted to Pastor Blount who shared it with CrossPointe Leadership Team. “We thought the artistic rendition was amazing.”

The project was launched with a team of students led by senior AP student, Emily. Ms. Sparks gave leadership and the Art Club went to work after Mr. Glover oversaw the transporting of the 18’ pew bench to St. Joseph with the help of Kevin Kilbane and his truck. After several phone conversations to let us know how the project was proceeding the call came that the Bible on a Bench was ready to travel home. So Steve and Kevin loaded up the 18’ pew on Kevin’s truck, strapped it down and moved it to its final resting place, the lobby at CrossPointe Community. What an amazing piece of art! “What a blessing to have such a beautiful and functional art piece in the lobby of CrossPointe which tells the story of God’s unconditional love from Genesis to Jesus’ resurrection!”

Emily is an amazing art student. She will be attending the University of Dayton (Flyers) this fall continuing her passion for art. “The team of students created a masterpiece which has blessed our CrossPointe Community. We want to publicly thank Mrs. Corrigan-Davis, Ms. Pieban, Ms. Sparks along with Emily and the student art club for blessing our community with such a functional and beautiful piece.” 


Tuesday, March 4, 2014
What an incredible blessing to share time with this Godly man who spoke into my life 30+ years ago. I will never forget... always be reminded of his words... on a day when I thought the sermon was...